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Vêtements de Ski & Snowboard Fille

Girls to teenagers across the nation cannot wait to pack up and head to the snow this season! However, no young lady should leave her room before packing up all her brand new DC snow gear. When you shop DC, we think of every item as a gift that just keeps on giving. From snow boots to boards, or pants to jackets, DC will wrap every girl up tight while dressing her in the latest fashions. Grab your one of a kind DC backpack or travel luggage, and stuff it full of all your new DC snow gear.

Check out our newest collection of snow pants. We have hot pink pants for girls who like feeling pretty in pink. Don't let the boys think neon yellow is the raddest color, DC shoes offers neon colored pants for girls, too! All of our DC products are a million steps above the rest, because each product is designed for durability and high performance, especially when you are shredding it up on the mountain. Our snow pants are not only cute and sassy, but are made with 100% polyester to provide maximum insulation and dryness.

We know every girl has a collection of the cutest DC graphic tees and long sleeve shirts. Yet, that won't keep you warm and dry out in the chilly snow covered slopes! Our top of the line collection of DC waterproof snow jackets will provide the warmth, performance and durability so you can spend hours on the mountain without catching cold! Choose from all different designs, colors and styles to suit your personal taste. Every DC jacket comes with multiple zippered compartments, so every girl can keep her iPhone, lip gloss and sunscreen safe while tearing it up on the half-pipe. No matter if you like pink or black or blue, every DC jacket is top of the line quality and will fit perfectly to your level of performance.

Don't be shy if you are brand new to snowboarding. DC Shoes is here to help you along from tumbling down the bunny slopes to jumping out of a helicopter for some epic mountain boarding. DC has every kind of beanie, waterproof snow glove, thermals, jackets, snow pants, socks, scarves, boots and board to help you become a pro! The sooner you get geared up in DC snow clothes, the sooner you will whiz down the mountain and pass up all the DC boys!

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