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Planches à Neige - la Collection Snowboards

What sets you apart from your buds on the mountain other than your killer good looks and personality? Your DC snow board is your answer. Nothing makes a bolder statement than when you take flight off a ridge to show off the bottom of your board to the world before making a perfectly calculated, epic landing. It of course will print with a DC logo on the backside of your deck! For all heights, levels and weights, choose a board size fit for you and your boarding style. Our boards are built for flexibility and gliding down a mountain even if you are a goofy over regular. Even if you are just starting out, we love it when the newbies represent DC with one of our Focus boards that is designed for those just starting out. There is no judgment when you're sporting DC!

Whether you feel like just cruisin' in afternoon conditions or shredding with epic snap turns and jumps, every DC board is designed for easy navigation. Performance is first and foremost, but originality and making a bold statement on the mountain is a necessity. Each DC board has its own personal flavor, and has the gnarliest artwork made to match your personal swag. Your choice of colors and deck designs are practically limitless. You can keep it classy with a PBJ snow board that has a sexy, leg-flashing sheila looking up at you from your feet. Show off your dark side with a blood-thirsty zombie sporting DC attire, or how about a DC monster with saber tooth like fangs on the top of your ride. You can always find something that fits your style at DC! Once you choose your color and style and bindings of your DC board, check out DC snow boots to match the overall badass snowboarder look.

But, why stop at board and boots from DC? You can get top of the line snow board pants, a light or heavily insulated, waterproof snow jacket, all leather gloves, goggles and signature DC beanies to put the cherry on top of your rad DC look. Pros like Lauri Heiskari not only relies on DC attire to get him in the boarding groove, but is never found shredding down a mountain without his personally designed red and blue DC "Di Si Senior" snow board for freestyle and versatility. Make a smart move and don't get hung up on a ski lift without a DC board, because there is only one way back to the lodge...a snappy and adrenaline hyping ride down.

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