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Bonnet Enfant : nos Bonnets D'hiver Garçon

While your kids are out there nailing their brothers and sisters, and even you with snowballs, don't let the feverish fun stop because their head is getting cold! Warm them up with a kid's beanie in the same cool styling found in the DC Shoes on their feet. All the hot styling and outrageous DC Shoes logos found in our kid's shoes are available in our DC Shoes kid's winter hats and boy's beanies collections. Made of comfortable materials that perform as well as they keep you warm such as acrylic, wool and alpaca, our kid's beanies and boy's winter hats are sure to keep your kids looking stylish and cool in addition to keeping them warm. With different knit patterns that are as wild or as understated as they are, and available with or without the fluff ball on top, there is sure to be a style that appeals to every kid's taste.

We even have winter hats with earflaps! In addition to kid's winter hats and boy's beanies here on the DC Shoes site, you will find the latest DC offerings in kid's clothing like pants, shirts, denim and so much more. DC Shoes provides the latest in extreme boy's and kid's clothing with cutting edge styles no matter what the season, or what your sport, whether hanging at the beach, or shredding a frozen half pipe. Our full line of sweaters, hoodies, pants, shorts, shirts, along with all the other great kid's clothing that DC Shoes offers come with same killer looks and stand out styling you've come to expect from DC. We've made a name for ourselves by building on our core business, making awesome shoes, so you know if we put our name on something, it has to be pretty special to live up to that standard.

Whatever you're looking for: from swimsuits and trunks to swim in, to boy's ski beanies or kid's winter hats to keep your head warm, you know you'll find the same comfort and stand out styling you’d find in a pair of DC Shoes. We started out by making a name for ourselves selling skate shoes, but you can count on our full collection of kid's clothing and winter hats to have that same functionality and styling you'd find in our shoes, helping you incorporate the latest fashions to perfect your individual style. DC Shoes provide the street cred you expect with their hot clothing line that will get you noticed in the snow or on the street. DC Shoes doesn't compromise either. These kid's beanies like the rest of our clothes are for people who are passionate about what they do, and we make them so you can count on them to perform just as good as they look no matter what your activity or level of skill. Whatever you're looking for, the DC shop has the right kid's clothes, boy's shoes and kid’s winter hats no matter how active or casual your lifestyle. DC Shoes designs clothing to be worn by world class athletes. They consist of the highest quality materials and are cut to look awesome no matter what you are doing.

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